The Factory in China
1、Steel structure processing center
It owns steel structure production line with annual capacity of 120,000 tons, and induced world-class steel structure professional production equipment from the USA,Japan,and Holland,to professionally produce all kinds of light steel,hesvy steel, special steel,and space structure steel components.
2、Woodwork processing center
It in duced advanced wood production line from HOMAG,and became the largest, most complete facilities and most advanced technology of wood processing center in Zhejiang province,realized automatic production line of wood products.Products are exported to Middle East,European and North American countries and regions.
3、Curtain wall processing center
It owns curtain wall design grade A qualification,curtain wall construction grade A ,steel structure construction grade B,and curtain wall and al-alloy door &window nation wide production license awarded by the State Bureau of Technical Supervision.From 2002,it has been continuously elected as the top 100 enterprises in the China construction and decoration industy.


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